4 Solid Style Statements Of Malaika Arora That We Are Crushing On!

One resorts to bright colors to look appealing and sassy. But wearing just one-color head to toe is no easy feat. Well, our B-town fashion babe and glam diva Malaika Arora has always taken risks with her fashion sense and has proved herself a success in that arena. Once again, she ditches the usual mix of bright shades and goes for full tone wearing it from top to bottom. Let’s see how she upgrades it with just a single-color scheme in her wardrobe.

Bold Plunging Peach Dress- Be A Risk-Taker

Malika for many is symbolic of shattering stereotypes. This time she ignores the wonderful world of colors and goes for a peach-colored outfit with a plunging neckline. The strappy solid-hued hot number looks pretty hard to resist. The easy-on-the-eyes hue is conveying Malaika’s minimalistic fashion sense. If you are choosing just one color like the babe, pay attention to fabric and other details. Malaika Arora has paid all the attention to the shade, style, pattern, and her modern edgy avatar.


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Solid Olive Green Game- Lovely Addition

One can’t deny the allure of the bright colors in your closet. But just have a look at the ravishing actress who is pulling off a solid green coat and trouser set like a pro. The single solid shade has in fact given her the freedom to work on her accessories. Feel free to play around with the jewellery, make-up and accessories like Malaika. Doesn’t it look like the easiest and the funkiest way to wear a green shade? One can go for such vibrant and muted shades to create such irresistibility. Well, the fabric shall not be overlooked when you are trying to create a similar style statement.


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Thigh High Slit-Major Party Inspo

You will lose your count if we ask how many times Malaika has inspired us with her fashion game. Right from her traditional avatar to bold style statements; she has left us gasping for more. This time she is flaunting her toned leg which is every bit of motivation for the bold and upfront avatar. Cut, drape and the perfect structure; she keeps all on-point with a light pastel peach dress. Thumbs-up to the bold actress who is carrying a nude shade like a pro. Looks like a difficult color to pull off but Malaika is doing justice to the light pastel peach-colored fitted dress.

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Drooping Neck Dress- Go Enigmatic

With just one color she looks all understated and glamorous. Color is the king when you have decided to go monotone. Malaika’s sultry green outfit with a drooping neckline or cowl neck looks like she is on a journey to explore her relationship with new hues. Going for one dominant color to create a remarkable look makes sense.  Even though she stuck to the solid green shade she made sure the combination is bright and sassy. For that perfect look, she has added some fashion elements in the form of chunky jewellery and neck pieces.

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