Do you have a retail store? / Where can I see your fabrics?
No, we don't have a retail store. We are operating only through our website currently.

Why are your prices so high?
All these fabrics are imported and of a premium quality.

What kind of discounts do we provide to the designers?
We provide designers and boutique owners a flat 30% off on all our products.

Width of your fabrics?
The width of our fabrics is 60 inches, if it is an embroidery fabric, then work to work it is 52-54 inches.

As these fabrics are imported, the composition of the fabrics is 100% polyester

MOQ for designers?
As of now, we don't have an MOQ for the designers. You can buy as less as 5 meters also and in the same way you can order in bulk quantities as well.

MOQ for Brands?
In case you need to buy in brands, the MOQ would be 50 mters and above for per design and color.

Made to order quantity?
The made to order quantity differs for different fabrics.

Will this fabric be available 365 days?
We do store our inventory in bulk for a particular fabric and we have new shipments coming in every week so you won't have to worry about re-ordering. However, if the brand decides to discontinue any particular fabric then it would not be available.

Flowy fabrics or fabrics that are good for drapes
You can go with our satin variety and even fashion knits for drapes, especially our Diva satin.

MOQ for silks?
For silk (pure silk items), you will need to purchase the entire roll which will be around 45-50 meters.

This fabric is currently sold out. Is it going to come soon? If yes, then when?
If any fabric is coming soon, we get the dates in our backend system, accordingly as and when it comes in stock, you would be able to see the fabric again on the website.

Do you keep ready stock?
Yes we do store ready to ship inventory with us.

What about Repeats?
We do maintain inventory in bulk for most of our fabrics.

If something is not in stock, how much time will it take to come in stock
The approx lead time for our fabrics to arrive from China is 60 days.

Delivery time?/How long will it take to reach me?
Once we receive the confirmed order and payment, it will be dispatched within 24 hours. Once it is dispatched it will be delivered within 5-6 days, depending upon your location.

Do you offer expressing shipping?
Yes we do offer express shipping, however there will be express charges.

Do you offer customized fabrics?
We do offer developments, however we have different MOQs to get it made from our factories in China.

Do you offer colour customizations?
We do offer colour customizations, however the MOQ for per colour would be different.

Do you offer exchange or returns if we don't like the fabric?
We do not offer any exchanges or returns for our orders. Only if any fabric is defective or wrongly sent from our end, then we take in returns or exchanges into consideration.

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