Alia Gives Major Maternity Fashion Goals in Her Satin-Embraced Outfit!

The Mommy-to-be Alia is in her contended phase of her life and it definitely reflects in her style! She is working around the clock; from promoting Brahmastra to winning ‘Times 100’ award, one thing we love how she is fashionably comfortable. Oversized silhouettes, lightweight fabrics and her glowing skin, Alia is the one to keep an eye on for maternity fashion goals. One fabric that we often brushed across on her profile is Satin - a beloved choice for many fashionistas. Undeniably, satin is making her look glam and confident, and we are in awe of it!

Satin: An Irresistible and Fashion-Forward Fabric for Your Maternity Wear

Who says that maternity outfits cannot be stylish? If we look at Alia's appearance, the magic of satin is clearly working for her. From interviews to promotions, she is leaving no opportunity to show off her adoration for satiny looks. What makes this luxe fabric so appropriate for maternity wear is its breathability and comfort. Likewise, it has a sleek, wrinkle-proof, and shiny texture, adding depth and unmistakable flair to every outfit without causing skin rashes.

Most women are conscious of their bodies during pregnancy; hence they refrain from wearing flattering outfits. However, satin embraces your silhouette comfortably and lets you show off your baby bump with poise. With its visual sheen, the satin fabric offers an irresistible look that makes every outfit an occasion in itself.

Two Looks that Show Alia is The Queen of Maternity Fashion

Currently, Satin rules Alia's wardrobe and her Instagram photos are a testament to it. She has been donning a variety of satiny styles, leaving us all wanting to know how she gets them so right. If you are also a mom-to-be, take cues from Alia's sartorial picks soaked in the irresistible beauty of the satin fabric.


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A Sublime Vision in Yellow

Alia managed to pull off this causal-chic look so effortlessly while she got clicked at the Dharma office. She has paired a loose-fit satin shirt in mustard yellow color with boyfriend jeans. The accessories are kept minimalistic, with a few statement rings and hoop earrings. Her subtle no-makeup makeup look accentuates her pregnancy glow to no limits. She has finished the look with transparent laid-back heels for strain-free movement. We are totally bowled over her ever-so-radiant smile and fashion sense. You can also wear this outfit combination at brunches, dinners, outings, and formal events. 


Give your maternity fashion a luxurious upgrade inspired by Alia's sartorial choices. She is flaunting body-flattering outfits with so much grace that every mom-to-be desires. If you are smitten by her style,  premium collection of satin fabric will envisage your dream outfit, making it a reality!