Blaze an Iridescent Trail Straight to Your Closet With The Freda Sequin Embroidery

Product Details:

  • Commonly Used for: Dresses, Gowns, and Sarees
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net
  • Embroidery Yarn: Polyester
  • Width: 50-55 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

    Get All the Eyes on You!

    Thread up your dates to your dream outfits like the stars in tonight’s sky because you deserve it! You will receive envious comments around the table when you wear a piece of ever-so-vibrant and fashionable sequin fabric.

    Blaze an Iridescent Trail Straight to Your Closet

    Once you unleash your creative outfit masterpieces, it is time to show off those embellishments. Sparkling sequins on the floor, the head table, and more. Nothing echoes personality like eye-catching threads draped in spangles.

    Every fashionista knows the best way to dress up is with eye-popping embellishments in all their dazzling grandeur. When the Earth starts to show signs of life, get your spring wardrobe ready with enchanting sequins and ornate embroidered designs. The Freda Sequins Embroidery fabric would add a gorgeous pop of sparkling color to any outfit. You find yourself dreaming about cruising into a shimmery paradise of sartorial brilliance.

    Make your wardrobe stand out with garments weaved with Freda Sequins Embroidery fabric. It will enable you to twist and turn the styling depending on what you wear. Every thread is sewn with love to last for many years with polyester base and mesh fabric. Channel your dreams, live a little, and start a trend! This fabric can join in on the glam and pull off a head-to-toe look.

    What Makes Freda Sequins Embroidery Fabric Every Fashion Lover’s Delight?

    • Composition of polyester and mes
    •  Light-reflecting dainty sequins
    • Sumptuous and high-precision embroidery
    • Assortment of blissful pastel colors
    •  Airy-light feel with a refined texture

    Ensembles Crafted with Freda Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    • Off-shoulder evening gown: Rock your look at nighttime merriments with a dazzling, off-shoulder gown and exude splendor. Dance the night away and twirl with ease.
    • Delicate sarees: Commemorate your most cherished moments and get your vogue on with bright, colorful, and ultra-feminine saris made with Freda Sequins Embroidery fabric for a graceful aura.
    • Fancy Dresses: When you slip into a sequined dress, you will be complimented all night long. Go bold this season, from floor-sweeping maxi to chic cocktail-ready styles.

    Freda Sequins Embroidery Fabric Color Diversity

    1. Bottle Green: For the fashion-minded among us, the shimmery threads can spark a new look every day! This fabric color is a mish-mash of greenish tints and bling, ideal for sarees and cocktail dresses.


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      2. Navy Blue: This majestic, bold and vibrant fabric finds its perfect inspiration in the galaxies of unappalled flair. Outfits customized with it are undeniably a delight to flaunt.


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        3. Grey: A rich and soft greyish color embellished with sequins, this fabric is a beautiful representation of ineffable art. Be it a western fusion or a modern outfit, it would add a touch of glam to your look.


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          4. Dusty Green: Exemplifying greenish rustic charm with shimmering serenity, you will be swept off your feet by this fabric color. It is an artisanal approach to personalization, perfectly crafted with every stitch.


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            5. Dusty Pink: Conquer the color of your life in this beautiful, sophisticated and utterly radiant fabric. From weddings to revelries, make a statement with shimmering classy attires.


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              6. Olive: Be confident and shine in this fabric color that reflects an energizing glow filled with softer green hues. Pair up this appealing fabric with trendsetting styles to celebrate significant moments.


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                7. Onion: Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the strikingly vibrant tones of this blushed fabric color. It mirrors your adulation for luxe fashion that goes well with versatile attires. 


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