Draw a Charismatic Allure Around You With The Siljie Sequin Embroidery


Premium crushed sequins fabric in polyester base. It has a lengthwise stretch and a lovely cocktail drape.


  • Commonly used for: Dresses, Gowns, Sarees
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net Embroidery
  • Width : 50-55 inches

Country of Origin: China

A Starry Night Made Seem Real 

              As the light hits the sequins on the fabric, it shines and twinkles like a sky full of stars. With a flick of a wrist, a galaxy of enticing shimmer flecks reflects back.              

Draw a Charismatic Allure Around You 

              A little sparkle, be it in your outfit or personality, never hurt nobody. It is a magical and ethereal phantasm that enchants the on-lookers as you swing by them. 

Siljie Sequins Embroidery Colors:

  • Pool Blue: Or you can call it cool blue. A soft tone of blue that stands true to its name; this shade reminds us of blinding sunlight light bouncing off the surface of the pool water. For the Y2K era kid in you, mix it up with other shades of blue to stitch a butterfly halter top. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397626529

  • Posy Green: It is elegant, sophisticated, and swanky. A saree with black beads embellishment around the edges will look beguiling for an elegant evening, cocktail, or wedding. Pair the attire with black heels, a sleek hairdo, and long earrings.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397692065

  • Pine Bark: Sequin embellishments get dusted off when it comes to celebrations. While Pine Bark will look stunning in a cocktail dress, why not incorporate this fabric into your home decor. Cushion covers, accent curtains, or even Tapestry - revamp your space into the 1920s or disco era theme.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397724833

  • Praline: Elevate your saree with a blouse made from Praline Siljie Sequins Fabric. We recommend a plain satin or georgette saree pairing. Choose this outfit for your next date night to wow your date.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397757601

  • Caribou: We could not be bigger fans for a gold sequin dress for a wedding shoot. The dress will look stunning and really set the tone for the whole wedding. Caribou is a fascinating choice of color with its dusky gold tones.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397790369

  • Blush: Dusty Pink shade - Blush symbolizes powerful female energy. While sequins are not just for performance costumes, you can use this fabric to stitch a beautiful bell sleeves mini dress. A 70s silhouette with a 2000s touch is an aesthetic your followers will live for!


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397823137

  • Crown Jewel: A perfect fabric for making bridesmaid dresses. This sparkly dark purple evening dress will look elegant and glamorous. It is also a delightful color for children's clothing. Dress up your little angel in a purple sequin frock with a white top and the fabric used on the skirt.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397855905

  • Warm Sand: Look like a dignified royalty in a lehenga made from Warm Sand. Like thousand specs of sparkles, shine like a heavenly twirling in your wedding photos.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397888673

  • Aqua Foam: The lightness of color symbolizes calming, balancing, and serene vibes. A bikini made from this material will look stunning underneath the sun. Imagine yourself lying on the beach, sipping cocktails and enjoying the ocean waves as they hit the sand.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397921441

  • Twill: Bring out the diva in you with Twill. A cowl-neck backless midi dress with a slit is going to look sexy and irresistible. A sleeveless kurta pant set is a retro and chic outfit that will transform your Indian Wear collection. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397954209

  • Zephyr: Remember Poo from K3G and her pink backless top? Want to recreate it? We have got the thing for you ;) And unlike Rahul, who didn’t pass the vibe check, we know you will fall in love with the fabric. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397986977

  • Ash: Not going to lie, we all have at least one picture of us dancing in a costume made from a similar material from our school days. You do, right? But, there is more to this fabric than being just a costume. Spruce up your pantsuit or blazer by using a sequin fabric detailing on the lapel. If you have a jacket that is too boring, transform it by using Ash material on the lapel for a blinging touch.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398019745

  • Purple Potion: Glam Bam, thank you, Ma’am! We are talking to the Disco Diva in you. What do you think of a purple sequin jumpsuit with white boots! Are we ready to bust some crazy moves or what?


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398052513

  • Cypress: If you are one of those who does not shy away from a bold and experimental fashion, Cypress Sequin Fabric is made just for you. Get ready for the festive season in an olive green saree draped beautifully around your waist with a fitted blouse featuring balloon sleeves made from the same material. Complete the look with an oxidized jewelry set.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398085281

  • Lilac Blue: The color symbolizes happiness and tranquility. It is a soft and dusty shade of blue. When designing the Lilac blue, we could only think of the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child era’s favorite top - a Sparkly deep-neck spaghetti backless top. Pair it with extreme low-waisted jeans, rectangle sunglasses with colorful hair clips in the hair.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398118049

  • Zinfandel: Like a fine wine, the color mesmerizes us. It has got a vintage, worldly and transcendental aesthetic to indulge in your fashionista itch. Walk with confidence as you adorned this material in a jumpsuit for office parties or formal soirees.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398150817

  • Dark Sapphire: One can never go with classics, and dark sapphire is one of those shades. We can show you the typical styling options like gowns, skirts, dresses, and so on, but we'd love to see how you implement it into your style.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398183585 

  • Rainforest: Since sequins are a statement material in itself, the best advice is to opt for a monotone look. This deep green shade is elegant and regal. It also looks flattering on various skin tones. Bodycon skirt silhouette will be a fantastic addition to your closet for a girls’ night out.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398216353

  • Green Moss: Match your outfits with the right accessories for a special occasion. Belt, clutch, potli, or even a dupatta for Indianwear, Green Moss will make a wonderful joinee in your wardrobe.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398249121

  • Cactus: Treat yourself with pure luxury with this material. We love this fabric for two reasons; First, it is still lightweight despite the sequins, and secondly, the fabric is a polyester mesh net that doesn’t irritate the skin. You can adorn this without worrying about it being scratchy and irritating.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398281889

  • Storm: Wanna try a flapper look inspired from the 1920s? Also known as the party decade of the 20th century, sequins were quite the rage back then. The glimmer, glam, and shine went perfectly with the party theme.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398314657

  • BluePrint: Everybody needs a little sparkle in their day. Why not add it to your outfit? A sequins mini skirt with a jumper is an ideal outfit to go about your day without it being too overwhelming. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398347425

  • Rose Cloud: For the big day, you want something enchanting that captures your true beauty. And the blushing bride will look elegant as well with the Rose Cloud sequin lehenga or gown. If it is too tawdry for you, you can also use it to make a cape to pair with an unembellished outfit for a subtle sequin transformation.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398380193

  • Castor Grey: The cloth has a lovely fall since the sequins are embroidered on a lightweight mesh. You can spice things up in your daily wear wardrobe by having this grey maxi straight-cut skirt. Pair it with black boots and a sweater with statement earrings for a luncheon with friends or clients.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398412961

  • Deep Teal: Get ready for a summer wedding with a touch of glimmer and glitz. Deep Teal Sequin lehenga would be a stunning choice for a lehenga to please your inner Diva's love of luxe glam. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398445729

  • Windsor Wine: Be an absolute royalty of splendor adorning this remarkable sequin material. It will surely gain you compliments during the wedding. A divine color of wine raises a taste for creativity and a love for textiles. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398478497

  • Forest Biome: A striking shade of green that’s hard to miss. Use Forest Biome Siljie Sequin fabric to give your look an edge. Our take on this fabric will be a full-length cocktail dress in a sleek silhouette.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41498054787233

  • Black: For a classic twist on LBDs, add sequins to add the shimmer and shine to bring out the party girl in you. From a cowl-neck backless top to a bodycon short dress, take this party fabric out for clubbing or dancing. 


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41498054820001

  • Purple: Let Y2K era be your muse and explore shimmer tops. There are butterfly tops, halter neck crop tops, oversized shirts, & many more that ruled the era. With the trend being all big even after 2 years, jump on it before it is too late!


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41498054852769

  • Silver Glitter: Indulge in total opulence when you slip into a silver sequined slit-up dress. Reach a new level of elegance with this shimmering fabric.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41498054885537

  • Onion: This faint pink color is your VIP pass to every party this season. It is a soft shade that doesn’t overpower your style but rather compliments your confidence and makes you feel best.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41711022342305