Draw a Charismatic Allure Around You With The Siljie Sequin Embroidery

Premium crushed sequins fabric in polyester base. It has a lengthwise stretch and a lovely cocktail drape.

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Dresses, Gowns, Sarees
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net Embroidery
  • Width : 50-55 inches

Country of Origin: China

A Starry Night Made Seem Real 

As the light hits the sequins on the fabric, it shines and twinkles like a sky full of stars. With a flick of a wrist, a galaxy of enticing shimmer flecks reflects back.

Draw a Charismatic Allure Around You

A little sparkle, be it in your outfit or personality, never hurt nobody. It is a magical and ethereal phantasm that enchants the on-lookers as you swing by them. 

Siljie Sequins Embroidery Colors     

1. Posy Green: It is elegant, sophisticated, and swanky. A saree with black beads embellishment around the edges will look beguiling for an elegant evening, cocktail, or wedding. Pair the attire with black heels, a sleek hairdo, and long earrings.


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397692065  

2. Blush: Dusty Pink shade - Blush symbolizes powerful female energy. While sequins are not just for performance costumes, you can use this fabric to stitch a beautiful bell sleeves mini dress. A 70s silhouette with a 2000s touch is an aesthetic your followers will live for!


Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397823137

3. Crown Jewel: A perfect fabric for making bridesmaid dresses. This sparkly dark purple evening dress will look elegant and glamorous. It is also a delightful color for children's clothing. Dress up your little angel in a purple sequin frock with a white top and the fabric used on the skirt.


    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397855905      

    4. Zephyr: Remember Poo from K3G and her pink backless top? Want to recreate it? We have got the thing for you ;) And unlike Rahul, who didn’t pass the vibe check, we know you will fall in love with the fabric.


    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466397986977  

    5. Lilac Blue: The color symbolizes happiness and tranquility. It is a soft and dusty shade of blue. When designing the Lilac blue, we could only think of the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child era’s favorite top - a Sparkly deep-neck spaghetti backless top. Pair it with extreme low-waisted jeans, rectangle sunglasses with colorful hair clips in the hair.

          lilac blue

    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398118049

    6. Zinfandel: Like a fine wine, the color mesmerizes us. It has got a vintage, worldly and transcendental aesthetic to indulge in your fashionista itch. Walk with confidence as you adorned this material in a jumpsuit for office parties or formal soirees.


      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398150817  

      7. Rainforest: Since sequins are a statement material in itself, the best advice is to opt for a monotone look. This deep green shade is elegant and regal. It also looks flattering on various skin tones. Bodycon skirt silhouette will be a fantastic addition to your closet for a girls’ night out.


      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398216353

      8. Deep Teal: Get ready for a summer wedding with a touch of glimmer and glitz. Deep Teal Sequin lehenga would be a stunning choice for a lehenga to please your inner Diva's love of luxe glam.


      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=40466398445729 

      9. Onion: This faint pink color is your VIP pass to every party this season. It is a soft shade that doesn’t overpower your style but rather compliments your confidence and makes you feel best.


        Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/siljie-sequins-embroidery?variant=41711022342305