For Looks That Are Worth Every Stare With The Bella Premium Fabric

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Dresses, Skirts, Blouse
  • CompositionPolyester100%
  • Width: 60 inches

Country of Origin: China

All that shines and glitters might not be gold but it definitely makes fashion more interesting. Sweatshirts and sweatpants from previous years are now being buried by the glamour and glitz of sequined fabrics in a variety of colors. Fashion is, no doubt, in a bit of a potluck right now. So, if flashy and reflective is your thing then Bella Premium Fabric is for you and it is proving to only get bigger and better for all the fashion lovers out there! 

Characteristics of Bella Premium Fabric

  • Foil Glimmer fabric with brilliant shine
  • Can be used for drapes
  • Soft, silky and has a good stretch
  • Light in weight

Use Your Bella Premium Fabric The Right Way

Dresses, skirts, or boleros, you name it - just about anything can benefit from a touch of bling, and when you can have a number of options to create from Bella Premium Fabric then why limit your creativity? 

  • Knotted Headbands: We may be a decade away from the last episode of Gossip Girl but there’s no denying that Blair Waldorf’s headbands have really stuck in our minds! The unique tones of sparkling silver, black, lilac, and gold beige are bound to impress all those around.
  • Skirts: Our new sparkly obsession can be yours too! A skirt is more versatile than you think! A wrap style can be perfect for a beach cover-up and a midi skirt can be dressed down with your favorite T-shirts, so it’s a win-win if you buy a fabric that can do both effortlessly!
  • Floor-Sweeping Gown: Looking for something daring and bold? Why don’t you try wearing a floor-sweeping gown made from classic colors? The thigh-split of the gown will not only add an element of sexiness but it is also elongating, to boot!
  • Jumpsuits: What can be more effortlessly cool and easy to put together than a jumpsuit? Add some accessories that pop such as a statement belt or bright colored earrings and you are all ready to dial up your fashion game and turn some heads!

Bella Premium Fabric Colors

1. M-BSTT#2 BEIGE SILVER: Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, a luminous, glitzy, and breathtaking lehenga in this color is oh-so-perfect for the wedding season. We highly recommend you to wear it on the reception sundowner or the wedding night. We bet, you can’t resist this suggestion!

          beige silver

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    2. M-BSTT#26 ONION WITH BLACK: Want to add instant glam to your ensemble and look like a diva? A metallic plum-colored long gown with golden hoops and earrings screams nothing but elegance!

            onion with black

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      3. M-BSTT#3 PINK: Pink is the most flattering hue in the color palette. Don your pretty sarees and make your look interesting by adding a stylish blouse made from this fabric and it will definitely get you all the praises. Opt for a blouse embellished with stonework and add that edgy feel to it.


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        4. M-BSTT#13 GROUND WITH SILVER FOIL LILAC: A lilac lehenga? Make no mistake, a lehenga made from this lustrous fabric with pretty silver embroidery makes this outfit an ideal pick for sangeet or sagai. Get ready to make every jaw in the room drop with your grand entry!


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          5. M-BSTT#5C GOLD BEIGE: So glam, elegant and classy, this color has everything in equal measure! For a look that’s polished and drool-worthy, why don’t you ask your tailor for a sleeveless bodycon dress? The fitted silhouette will hug your figure and accentuate your curves while the fabric makes it look straight out of a glam 90s Hollywood film.

                  gold beige

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            6. M-BSTT Ground# 22 Silver Foil: If you are in the mood to get all dolled up, then opt for a cocktail dress in this breathtaking silver color and be the showstopper at your next cocktail event! Keep the rest of your look simple and let your dress be the centerpiece.

                  silver foil

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