Interesting Facts About 5 Fabrics You Were Unaware Of

The Ever-Evolving Textile Industry

The textile industry has evolved immensely over time, thus introducing a number of new fabrics you probably are unaware of. The ambit of the textile industry is expanding, and we are here to educate you about these textiles and how they can help you enhance your wardrobe.

People tend to seek better in everything, and thanks to this, advanced textile types are cropping up in the industry. But we often choose the mainstream products which makes us ignorant of the luxury fabrics that are available out there. There are, in fact, several premium silk fabrics online if you want to check them out. 

Types Of Fabrics You Probably Are Unaware Of

1. Organza- Organza is a lightweight plain weave fabric. This variant of fabric is woven in an extraordinarily low density, which results in a transparent and pretty flimsy textile.  As a result of its transparency and quite a high breadth, organza fabric is typically utilized to produce garments relevant for thicker apparel and is also suitable for occasional household textiles. Due to its delicate nature, it is considered a premium silk fabric. Following are the types of organza fabrics-

  • Crystal Organza
  • Mirror Organza 
  • Sparkly Organza 
  • Embroidered Organza 
  • Silk Organza

2. Georgette- Georgette is made in solid colours and is used for making dresses, gowns, sarees, and blouses. It falls under the umbrella of the crepe fashion family, which harks back to the early 20th century renowned French dressmaker named Georgette de la Plante. Here are some unknown and interesting facts about Georgette fabric: 

  • The most expensive Georgette fabric is made up of 100% silk
  • A denser, yet translucent type of georgette is called Double Georgette 
  • Nowadays Georgette fabric is made from synthetic polyester fibres in an attempt to make them a bit economical 

3. Chiffon- Chiffon is quite popular, lightweight, and decorative fabric. It is often
associated with luxury and elegance. Chiffon is considered silk used for high fashion needs. Here are some unknown and interesting facts about Georgette fabric: 

  • Yarns used in the making and weaving of Chiffon fabric are often alternately twisted to make it slightly crumpling in various directions.
  • The name chiffon originally means cloth in French 
  • Preferably, Chiffon must be either slow-machine washed or hand washed which will prevent it from getting frayed. 

Bollywood played an important role in making Chiffon popular in India. From shiny, silky, and flowy dupattas to gorgeous-looking sarees and salwar kameez, Chiffon has enhanced the screen presence of Bollywood heroines. Hence, it is evident that the popularity of pure Chiffon fabric online has been soaring since then.

4. Satin- Satin can be traced back to medieval China. It was made just from silk back then. This type of fabric originated near a Chinese port city called Quanzhou, which was popularly called Zaitun in medieval Arabic, which brings us to its name Satin.  

  • Italy was the first western country to introduce Satin in the 12th century
  • Satin fabric is also used in sportswear such as athletic wear and jackets 
  • Satin fabric is a delicate type, which demands careful maintenance

5. Velvet- Velvet is produced on a special loom known as a double cloth, which as the name suggests, makes two velvet pieces. Due to its short pile fibres characteristic, velvet gives out a beautiful drape and a shiny, soft look

  • The first velvet material was introduced in Baghdad around 750 A.D. 
  • Velvet is pretty easy to maintain; it can be taken care of during your regular cleaning routine - it does not demand special maintenance as such
  • Back during the renaissance period, Velvet was an expense, but now it is affordable and widely used

House of Textiles brings you the world of these fabric types to your home. Now that you have understood the aforementioned fabrics, you are ready to jam-pack your wardrobe with these amazing luxurious and premium fabrics which we easily provide you online. Wait no more, embrace the elegance!