Komal Pandey’s Bold Look In This Lilac Outfit Is Breaking The Fashion Charts!

Komal Pandey started her fashion and style journey when she was quite young. She never fails to amaze her fans, lovers and onlookers with her head-turning dressing tips and styles. Her bold, daring, and sassy outfits make her fans and viewer’s jaws drop and spines tingle. Once again, Komal Pandey, the sultry fashion blogger proves that she is the queen of glamour and hot fashion looks. We can’t get enough of her bold statement and shiny avatar in her light purple thigh-high slit dress. Let’s have a look!

The Party Starter

The season to sparkle is upon us and nothing like taking some clues and cues from Komal Pandey. Her latest ensemble leaves us with one question. How much of the boldness is too much? Being in the fashion arena for too long, the babe knows how to make her style a success and stand apart. She opts for a thigh-high slit fitted bodice with a plunging neckline top. With her enchanting dress, she is suggesting to the girls a glamorous story to be told at their bashes and disco parties.


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Lilac Leaves Us Spellbound

The lovely lilac or light purple shade of the two-piece is having our eyes glued on her ravishing party number. Her version of purple that looks radiant, hot, sizzling and scintillating proves that there is no one with a matching taste, attitude, and panache. The outfit is not only complimenting her beautiful body and thighs but is also taking her glamour game to the next level. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most popular fashion influencers in the world of Instagram.

As Dreamy & Imaginative As It Gets

The fashionista who can change scarves into tops and sarees into sarongs can create countless fashion looks. No wonder, one can learn a lot about how to dress right if it’s a sassy number. Her choice of a distinctive neckpiece is exuding class and glamour to the hilt. She is also elevating her outshining hot number with white nail paint and perfect hairdo. The neat short hairdo and the classic neutral makeup is adding up to her exquisite look. Overall, the hue of metallic lilac and her swag is enhancing her personality.


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Boldness & Beauty Goes Hand In Hand

The dress is iconic and remarkable with a sleeveless top defining her cleavage. The slit skirt is also doing an impressive job of bringing out her boldness and beauty. Well, though all her appearances- ethnic, bold, or casual are iconic but there are some that make our hearts stop.

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