Let Your Fashion Speaks for Itself!

Product Details: 

  • Commonly used for: Dresses, Skirts, Blouse
  • Composition: Polyester100%
  • Width: 60 inches

Country of Origin: China

Let Your Fashion Speaks for Itself

Whether you need a bold statement piece or something subtler and elegant, this fabric will deliver an unforgettable impression. It has a luxe appeal, making it blissful for the wearer with its smooth surface and ability to get molded into anything.

The indulgent, feminine, and appealing colors of this fabric will make any space look like your personalized haven. With flattering aesthetics, the nature-inspired cheerful colors will replicate the liveliness of blooming heaven for a fashion full of life. 

The Vienna Fashion Fabric has an air of luxurious sophistication that never gets old. Its beauty lies in its subtleness, versatility, and weightless feel. Made with polyester, it is one of the most widely-used textiles across the oceans. With an ancient history and adaptability that is unimaginable, it has been woven into numerous drapery, upholstery and other household fabrics. This fabric feels super soft against your skin and remains non-stretchy to retain its original shape. It has the. They have a unique way of capturing light, which makes them perfect for textile design. 

With its excellent malleability, strength and durability, the Vienna Fashion Fabric is specifically made for clothing that requires a lot of movement. The material is wrinkle-resistant with an ultra-sensuous feel. Ultimately, this makes it a more trusted and valuable companion to your stylish wardrobe. It has been utilized in producing decorative accessories and upholstery found in households, such as clothing, curtains, and bedding. What makes it the fabric of the moment is its non-fading application and wrinkle-resistant properties. It is often used as a base fabric to support layers of expensive materials before adding color and patterning. Being easy to care for fabric, it is a staple for detailed and adaptable designs for fashion, crafts, and home décor. 

What Makes Vienna Fashion Fabric a Class Apart?

  • Delicate pattern with an ever-so-radiant sheen
  • Made from durable, long-lasting polyester, this fabric has
  • A fine texture with a softer, lavish feel
  • Lightweight, breathable and wrinkle-resistant - perfect for summer days
  • Multifarious shades to suit every occasion and setting 

Outfit Inspirations for Vienna Fashion Fabric

  • Springtime Dresses: No matter if you prefer a figure-skimming fitting or a free-flowing silhouette, the dresses made with polyester fabric are as resplendent as your personality. They are lightweight with a crisp texture for a put-together look.
  • Fancy Curtains: Spruce up your home décor with curtains made with Vienna Fashion Fabric. They comprise a more polished look, giving the interiors an irresistible makeover. Such curtains are long-lasting and more convenient to clean than regular ones. 
  • Crop Blouses: It is an easy-to-wear piece that can be worn under jackets or as a standalone piece. They can be tailored in various colors and patterns that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. Such blouses are perfect for that effortless glam look.

Color Assortment of Vienna Fashion Fabric

1. Ice Grey: The ultimate shade of refinement and elegance with an eye-catching appearance, this fabric is perfect for merging casual styles with a pop of fashion. It represents a serene whitish-grey canvas with a hint of tranquil blue hues.

    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/vienna-fashion-fabric?variant=41722557825185

    2. Berry Blue: Turquoise, blue seafoam and indigo are the varied shades getting intertwined to craft this stunning fabric color. Be fashion-forward and show off your creative side; the world will stop for a moment to take in your beauty.

      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/vienna-fashion-fabric?variant=41722621493409

      3. Blossom Pink: The softest shade with an irresistible radiance that never fades away, this fabric color brings life to brighten up the gloomiest days. It embodies iconic pink hues carved on the subtle tapestry of invigoration. 

      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/vienna-fashion-fabric?variant=41722621558945

      4. Peach Bloom: A sweet yet sassy shade mirroring the joyous atmosphere of springtime, this fabric shade would let you embrace your personal style. It is a classic, on-trend shade that goes well with versatile statement pieces. 

      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/vienna-fashion-fabric?variant=41722621657249

      5. Pine Green: An easy-going and energizing color that can be used to add a graceful feel to any space. It echoes the sensation of summer simplicity embellished with rejuvenating patterns to elevate your fashion sense. 

        Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/vienna-fashion-fabric?variant=41722621853857