The Spotlight On Kareena Kapoor’s Sequined Blue Number!


It seems Bollywood will never move past the timeless trend of shimmer and sequin gowns. It definitely looks like a basic and must-have wardrobe for tinsel divas. And we have reasons to say this because Bollywood queen, Kareena Kapoor has been seen sashaying in one. Wearing a jazzy blue sequin garment, she adds the right amount of chutzpah to her look. Her glimmering outfit and her confidence are sprinkling up her overall look and inspiring many for similar night out partying ensembles.

Shimmer- The Definition Of Glamour

If you are looking to experiment with the season’s preferred trend-sequin, look no further than Bebo who is inspiring with her cool, edgy, and glam full-length gown that also features a thigh-high slit. As winter is setting in, the shimmer outfit trend is seemingly making a major resurgence and appears in full fashion force. The stunning gown in a blue hue looks elegant and a great celebratory option to shine brightest at your bashes.  The fit, styling and the colour of the stunning blue gown by RaisaVanessa is working in Bebo’s favour. To make things more dramatic and edgy, the diva opted for power shoulders in her shimmery gown.

Dialing Up The Drama

One can take a break for usual patterns and instead go for designs that have cool cuts, puffed-up shoulders, added capes or the dramatic bow just like Bebo. The big bow at her waist and the fancy cut at the back are enhancing and impacting the overall look of the actress’s gorgeous shimmer dress. We are totally in love with the detailing of the blue monotone sequin-enriched gown and Kareena is a sight to behold in the dreamy outfit.


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When Accessories Take A Backseat To Shine Bright

Kareena wanted her gown to do all the talking so she skipped the jewels and accessories, and we really think it was the right move doing so. Even without the jewels, she is shining like a gem and looks like a princess of shimmer bandwagon. But what makes her stand out is her strappy pink sandals. The colour looked like a mismatch and unexpected, but she slayed it like a pro. The strappy heels looked like one of the major highlights of her diva look.


So, for your next parties, instead of opting for metallic or dull greys, you can go for the jazzy blue shimmer dresses. Afterall the party performance should be as big as Bebo’s. Well, for that significant transformation and to appear like a star you just need to have your fabric choices right. You may visit for shimmer, metallic, sequined, and colourful matte fabrics. Full-length gowns, wrap dresses, short knee length gowns or mini outfits; the exclusive online store can always help you style your outfits for cocktail and evening parties.