Do Not Let Your Outfit Go Unnoticed With Our Valerie Fashion Knits

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Skirts, and blouses
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Width: 60 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

    An Encasing of Shimmer in Pastel Colors

    Stylish and season-appropriate, this shimmery polyester fabric is lightweight and breathable, perfect for night revelries and special occasions. Give your wardrobe a new lease on life with the soft pastel colors of this fabric.

    Do Not Let Your Outfit Go Unnoticed

    The suitable fabric can take your outfit to the next level and add a fresh accent to your entire look! Show everyone your ingenuity and individuality, and express your own personal style with this scrumptious fabric. 

    The Valerie Fashion Knits are a personification of lavishness and enticing vivacity that enchants the soul. It has a polyester base with a soft texture that will make any garment feel comfortable and luxurious on the skin. This type of knitted fabric has a loose and stretchy feel which is suitable for high-end fashion like dresses, jackets, tops, skirts etc. It can be easily draped over the body without any lines or creases showing up on the clothing surface.

    For fashion aficionados, the Valerie Fashion Knits is one of the superior fabrics as it is wrinkle-resistant. Thus, it is an excellent choice for those wearing clothes for long periods without worrying about them becoming wrinkled. This fabric is also durable and will last for many years without any signs of wear and tear. Indeed, it is a sartorial treasure that you will cherish for life!

    What Makes the Valerie Fashion Knits so Desirable?

    • Smooth texture with a mesmerizing sheen
    • Flexible, long-lasting and versatile fabric
    • Compatible with machine-wash
    • Crafted with adoration for luxe fashion
    • Offers a sculpting yet easy-going fitment

    How to Use the Valerie Fashion Knits in Diversified Ways?

    • Casual Jackets: This fabric can be stretched and pulled to create various styles. Hence, it is an ideal choice for creating jackets with the right amount of warmth. Since the material is stretchy, you can wear a jacket without feeling constricted.
    • Premium Upholstery: The luxurious upholstery requires a soft and lightweight fabric to add the perfect depth and comfort. The Valerie Fashion Knits comprises an indulgent texture which allows for comfortable sitting on it for prolonged periods.
    • Stylish Tops: A variety of tops can be tailor-made with this fabric. You can also experiment with the sleeves and necklines to give a fashionable touch to the top.

    The Exotic Colors of Valerie Fashion Knits

    1. Rose Gold: An amalgamation of shimmer and tantalizing glamor, backed by hues of gold and rose, this fabric color is radiant as your soul. It goes well with modish dresses, dashing blouses, and retro-inspired skirts.


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      2. Gold: The antique charm of gold intertwined with irresistible illumination, this fabric color is nothing short of sartorial excellence. It goes well with everything from festive ensembles to outfits for special occasions!


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      3. Light Blue: The composure of the sky blended with whimsical shades of shimmer for a vision that captivates the soul. It is a perfect accompaniment to style your enthusiastic soul with ethnic and contemporary attires.


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        4. Lavender: A beautiful vision enwrapped in the paradise of delightful floral ecstasy; that is what lavender is all about. You can get elegant bespoke dresses or high-slit skirts with this gorgeous fabric color.


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          5. Silver: An embodiment of sheer luminance enveloped in pristine landscape irradiating soulful brilliance. This fabric color is apt for the outfits exuding desirable silhouettes with grace and confidence. 


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