Three Saree Draping Styles that Will Elevate Your Fashion Game

A saree is the heart and soul of every Indian woman's wardrobe. It is not just a piece of cloth but a legacy and an embodiment of feminine grace. The moment you enwrap yourself in six yards of sheer elegance, it brings out your innate radiance in the most enchanting way possible.

The magic of a saree lies in its ability to make you feel empowered, confident, and incredibly beautiful all at once. And, when it is draped with perfection, it can transform you into a vision of royalty while accentuating your silhouette. In this blog, we will unravel three saree draping styles that are a breeze to try.

Three Saree Draping Styles to Turn Any Occasion into a Runway-Worthy Affair

Sarees are your style playground, where rules do not apply. Drape, style, and watch them adapt to your every mood and occasion. The following saree draping styles will let your personality shine through, from weddings to casual brunches and formal events. 

  • A Belted Saree with Defined Pleats for a Formal Affair

    Karishma Tanna's black modeled fabric saree should be your top pick when attending any formal event. Her saree features intricate detailing that blends modern couture with classic traditional flair. She draped a lengthy black coat over her saree for a statement-maker look. 

    A waist belt is expertly incorporated, contouring her physique while adding a fashionable appeal. She accessorized her attire with sunglasses, drop earrings, and boots to flaunt a chic-personified appearance. 

    To achieve well-defined saree pleats like Karishma Tanna, start by tucking in the saree at the right waist, ensuring the border aligns perfectly with the ground. Make equal-width pleats, approximately 5-6 inches wide, and align them neatly. Secure the pleats tightly and evenly, ensuring they are crisp and uniform. 

    Karishma Tanna In Black Saree with Belt


    Shanaya Kapoor's yellow sequined saree is a stunning choice for a cocktail party or a festive celebration. The pre-draped saree is designed with meticulous details, floor-sweeping pleats and a mermaid-style silhouette. The shimmering sequin embellishments all over the saree create a dazzling effect, perfect for evening events.

    Shanaya has worn a matching tube blouse with a plunging neckline alongside a cropped midriff-baring hem. To achieve her look, you can get a similar fabric tailored in mermaid-style pleats. It will look fabulous, with an easy-to-slip-into appeal.

    For a mermaid-style effect, ensure the pleats are neatly arranged and spread out at the bottom to create a fishtail-like shape. Pin the pallu at the shoulder to keep it in position and maintain the floor-sweeping length.


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  • A Satin Floral Saree with Classic Pleats for Everyday Comfort 

  • Deepika Padukone’s floral saree is a testament that simplicity carries immeasurable beauty within. Her saree is draped in the classic pleats, accompanied by a strappy blouse. The focal point of her ensemble is the choker necklace. It draws attention to Deepika’s neckline while adorning the understated accents of the saree. You can toss the choker for a simple necklace for everyday wear. 

    To drape the saree like Deepika, start by folding the saree lengthwise to the width that suits your comfort and height. Usually, half or one-fourth of the saree's width is a good starting point for everyday wear. Five to seven pleats are recommended for a classic look. Take the remaining fabric (pallu) and drape it over your left shoulder from back to front, allowing it to fall freely.


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    Make Saree the Star of Your Wardrobe with These 3 Celeb-Approved Draping Styles

    A saree's true essence lies in how you drape it; thus, it should be done with excellence. These three draping styles will breathe new life into your saree with a refreshing twist. For the fabrics that resonate with your fashion fancies, look no further than House of Textiles’ exquisite collection.