Alia Bhatt Looks Like a Barbie in Her Pink Satin Cord Set

In a world where fashion trends come and go, one trend has taken a fabulous hold – the resurgence of pink outfits. The credit goes to the recent release of the iconic, beloved movie Barbie. And who better than Alia Bhatt to spearhead this trend, embodying Barbie herself in a stunning pink satin cord set? The sensational star is not only keeping up with the Barbie-inspired flair, she is totally defining it.

As we let the sight sink in, it is hard not to be captivated by the sheer charm exuding from her ensemble. Let us explore how Alia has seamlessly woven the magic of Barbie into her own style narrative!

An Outfit that is Straight Out of Every Barbie Lover’s Fantasy

When Alia Bhatt steps onto the global fashion stage, she does not just make an entrance – she makes a statement. And her recent appearance in Brazil for the much-anticipated launch of her latest film, "Heart of Stone," was no exception. Her pink satin cord set is more than just an outfit; it is a work of art that captures the essence of her jovial persona.

Alia pulled off the Barbiecore aesthetic flawlessly, with every element of her attire being glitzier than ever. From the subtle pink hues to the glossy, satin fabric, Ms. Bhatt’s cord set mirrored Barbiecore vibes.

Alia bhatt in pink coord set


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The Trio that Makes Alia Stand Out at the Global Stage

Alia's outfit comprised a meticulously crafted trio: a bralette, an oversized blazer, and a pencil skirt. With its delicate design and rosy hue, the bralette serves as the ensemble's foundation. Its flirty neckline and dainty straps evoke a sense of whimsy, while its tailored fit adds a touch of elegance.

She has teamed the bralette with an oversized blazer, which is feminine and dramatic. Its satiny glam elevates the entire ensemble, bringing a touch of opulence to her presence. The blazer’s oversized silhouette is a nod to the Barbiecore trend's infusion of modernity into classic styles. Its sleek texture makes it a statement piece that speaks volumes of Barbie's palette and contemporary flair.

Completing the trio is the pencil skirt. Its high-waist fitted design is what accentuates Alia's perfectly-defined curves. It balances the overall outfit while giving the "Heart of Stone" star the ability to walk confidently as she conquers her global dreams.

Minimalistic Styling that Lets Her Outfit Take the Center Stage

Since Alia’s satiny cord set is a masterpiece in itself, she chose to keep her styling as minimalistic as possible. With dainty earrings and gold stacked rings, she becomes a vision of grace. Speaking of her make-up, it seeks inspiration from the very source of the ensemble's charm – Barbie herself.

Alia's make-up is infused with soft pink tones, reminiscent of Barbie's signature rosy and youthful vibrancy. She has complemented her attire with black heels, which serve as a thoughtful accent. They ensure the ensemble remains the focal point while offering a refined finishing touch.

Channeling the Barbie-esque Allure, the Alia Way

With her dreamy satin cord set, Alia has proved yet again that her fashion choices always reign supreme. Her look reminds us of the Barbie dolls we all adored since our childhood. Alia has brought the magic of Barbie's world to life with a blend of grace and audacity. Her outfit is a testament that fashion can be just as playful and charming as it is chic.

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