An Epitome of Most Coveted Luxury Clothing for You With The Ava Sequins Embroidery

Product Description: Premium-shaded crushed fabric with sequins embroidery. It has a slight stretch with a beautiful drape.

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Dresses, gowns, sarees, and lehenga
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net
  • Embroidery Yarn: Polyester
  • Width: 50-55 inche

    Country of Origin: China

    An Epitome of Most Coveted Luxury Clothing for You

    Like a beautiful summer day or the lightness at the end of a tunnel, that is what this fabric looks like. Likewise, it is beautifully texturized and soft, bedecked with an enviable drape. From traditional to western outfits, slip it on with your favorite pair of heels and conquer the world.

    Never Stop Your Creative Cravings!

    With a timeless and elegant appeal, ensembles made with this fabric exemplify refined silhouette, resembling understated luxury. The artistic blends of shades with tiny sequins light up any festivity and emanate an exotic essence. 

    The panache of crushed fabric coalesces with an enchanting variation of assorted shades. It is ornamented with sequins needlework, making it an excellent choice for celebrating special moments in grandeur and glamor. Likewise, the mesh and net fabric add a rich and polished texture to the outfits. The Ava Sequins Embroidery has a luxurious feel to it, making it perfect for evening gowns, cocktail dresses, blouses and skirts.

    The sequins make the material shimmer beautifully in the light. It also has a slight stretch, making it comfortable to wear while still maintaining its shape. This fabric will cling to your body just enough to look flattering without giving up on comfort. The Ava Sequins Embroidery fabric is lightweight, easy to care for and holds its shape well. It is made with polyester, which gives it a soft and indulgent feel. Indisputably, this fabric is a treasure from sartorial heaven to foil your dressing with an elegant sheen.

    What Makes Ava Sequins Embroidery Fabric a Tasteful Fabric?

    • Sequins are sewn with a slight stretch for the flawless drape
    • Premium quality mesh for breathable fabric
    • Enviable crushed texture in striking color gradations
    • Shimmery aesthetics for high-end fashion
    • The polyester base for durability and softness

    Outfits Made with Ava Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    • Lehengas: You can use this fabric to customize a lehenga in different lengths, from ankle-length to floor-length, with varying degrees of embellishment on the bodice and hemline.
    • Cocktail Dress: The Ava Sequins Embroidery is appropriate for making fitted bodice dresses with a flared look. Opt for a plunging neckline with 3/4th length sleeves for a chicer appearance.
    • Evening Gowns: The evening gowns are usually made with a shimmery fabric and have a close-fitting bodice. Incorporate elaborate trimmings such as ruffles and flounces for a well-dressed look.

    Colors Available in Ava Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    1. Blue: The shades of lilac and violets intermingle with a touch of blue, forming an exquisite shimmering medley. This fabric color is ideal for bridesmaids' lehenga, party-wear sarees, and evening gowns.


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      2. Coffee: It mirrors a graceful fusion of beige undertones with subtle brown for eye-appealing aesthetics. The magic of sequins would work their way to infuse indelible allure to high-slit dresses and fusion-wear attires.


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        3. Rose Red: A beautiful paradise of red blended with soft rosy tints for a glamourous sartorial experience. This fabric color is an absolute pick for ethnic and western outfits radiating elegance.


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          4. Wine with Onion: A captivating pinkish tint fused with off-white shades, embellished with sequins for unmissable desirability. From bodycon dresses to contemporary sarees, this fabric color is every fashion lover’s delight.


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            5. Bottle Green with Onion: This fabric color echoes the hypnotic vision of aqua green with iridescent shimmer. It is crafted with adoration for luxurious bespoke outfits like stylish lehengas, fancy gowns, and classy sarees.


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              6. Grey: An exuberance filled with refinement bedecked by evergreen light purple hues with a greyish palate for an ethereal look. You can utilize this fabric color for full-length dresses, vogueish ethnics, and revelry gowns.


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