An Expert Guide to Picking the Right Type of Floral Print

Certain trends remain popular both with and without justification. In any case, it indicates that they have the ability to delight successive generations. One of the long-standing patterns that continues to be popular among people for a variety of clothing is the floral print.

Floral fabric is not just for the spring season; you can adorn it anytime you want to flaunt a mix of colours and flowers. We pair them with our patterned skirts or pants and simple denim shirts. Regardless of how you style them, they will still look amazing. Floral designs are versatile in this way.

Different Floral Prints Available

Not everyone is aware of the various patterns that fall under the broad category of "floral" prints, despite our genuine affection for the designs and textiles. This ignorance frequently restricts our options or causes us to make poor decisions. Just so that you don't make the same mistakes, here's a guide on the many types of floral fabric prints and how to pick the perfect one for you:

  • Abstract

This original print is the outcome of combining abstract art with florals. Similar to the artwork, flower prints use forms, colours, lines, and shapes to create a pattern that is inspired by nature.

  • Botanical

The print originated from a kind of art that portrayed the shape, hue, and fine details of many plant species. Similarly, the fabric has lifelike depictions of different plants.

  • Calico

Calico is an Indian small-scale floral fabric design that is typically seen on cotton textiles. The small size of the blooms causes them to be dispersed throughout the cloth, making it undetectable from a distance.

  • Damask

Originally a multi-technique cloth, damask is a print pattern with complex designs that are grid-organized and scrolled. These are large-scale prints that work well for upholstery, though not exclusively.

  • Ditsy

Ditsy is a floral design that is characterised by minuscule blooms arranged in a pattern that is so densely packed together that it is impossible to tell one print from another.

  • Mandala

Mandalas are geometric designs that are employed as spiritual symbols in Buddhism and Hinduism. These symbols are called Suzani when they appear repeatedly on textiles.

  • Paisley

Paisley is an ornamental flower design with teardrop-shaped buta patterns that originated in Persia. In the 18th and 19th centuries, they gained popularity in Europe as a result of the success of Kashmiri shawls featuring the print. They derive their name from Paisley, a town in Scotland.

Selecting the Right Print

In contrast to many other prints, floral fabric designs offer a great deal of variation, which increases the possibility of making mistakes. Are you one of those people who often chooses the incorrect design or print? Do you want to select the perfect floral print? Then you are at the right place! This guide will help you pick the ideal fabric for your varying needs. Now let's get going!

So, what factors should you take into account while choosing a flowery print? These are listed below.

  • Personality

Focus on what flowers visually appeal to you. Regardless of whether it adheres to your other style guidelines, if you don't like the way a floral fabric print appears, you should not choose it.

  • Scale

Choose the print based on the features and the overall scale of the body. A larger-scale print can suit you best if you have a medium-sized body and a larger facial feature. If not, limit yourself to tiny or medium-sized floral prints to prevent the print from taking over your space.

  • Contrast

Observe how the contrast affects. Consider ways to adjust the high contrast print so that it appears less loud. Furthermore, you can manage the whole look by wearing a stark contrast solely on the lower half, even if you don't usually like high contrast.

  • The Density of Print

Are you inherently slim? A more sparse print is the best option. However, if you want to use camouflage, go for a smaller print.

  • Colour

There is no doubt that the colour in the print matches your natural colouring. Choosing a wrong shade that does not go with your skin tone might lead to a disaster. Also, pay attention to whether the background colour is of the same tone as the colour of the prints or is in contrast and choose wisely. 

  • Style of Garment

It is a crucial consideration to make to ensure the outfit comes together. What kind of garment are you planning to make with the floral printed fabric? For a top that fits well, a denser print is best. A larger-scale floral fabric print or a sparse print can look good on a floating kimono-style.

Wrapping Up

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