For The Style That Fits Your Spirit!

Product Description: Premium pleated knit fabric in polyester base. It has a satiny shine on both sides. The pleated texture has a flowy drape and a length-wise warp stretch.

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Skirts, Blouse
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Width: 60 inches

Country of Origin: China

For The Style That Fits Your Spirit

It is the fabric that makes luxury an everyday experience. You will shine in your own light with the refined colors and sublime pleats of the fabric. Let there be a reflection of your charming persona in every garment!

The Flowy Drape You Crave

The fabric accentuates your silhouette with an elegant appeal. What follows is a smooth and flowing drape that brings a touch of royalty to your outfits. It is so comfortable that you would not want to take it off. 

The Lina 2G Knitted Fabric is indeed a sight to behold. With high-end aesthetics, it features luxurious knits with a satiny shine on both sides and a pleated texture that drapes well. It is available in an assortment of fashion-forward colors to draw attention to your outfit. The fabric also has a length-wise warp stretch to offer the perfect fit every time. It enwraps your body in the best of both worlds: warmth and softness! So, it is all about fashion and comfort without any bulkiness. 

Apart from being a gorgeous addition to your closet, the Lina 2G Knitted Fabric can be used for versatile home décor. What makes it more inventive is the super raw edge alongside a polyester base for an alluring and modern look. This fabric can be sewn into curtains, pillowcases, hems, and many more. Pleating gives the fabric a soft, silky, and lightweight feel that you will love. They are perfectly graded to ensure a smooth look. Whether you are looking for something trendy or classic, our decorative fabric is sure to make it up to you. 

What Are The Multipurpose Uses of Lina 2G Knitted Fabric?

  • Home Decor: Revamp your home décor with Lina 2G Knitted Fabric. It has varied uses, from pleated curtains to table tops. This lovely fabric would surely enhance the ambiance of every space. 
  • Pleated Skirts: Be it a straight-fit style or a high-slit one, pleated skirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. You can even opt for an asymmetrical pattern to make a fashion statement amongst the masses. 
  • Slinky Dresses: Are you zealous about recreating those celebrity-approved designs? The slinky pleated dresses with minimalistic jewelry would be an excellent choice for flaunting your stature and styling expertise. 

Characteristics of Lina 2G Knitted Fabric

  • Soft pleated texture for a luxurious look
  • Smooth, satiny finish with a durable polyester base
  • Trendsetting colors that allow you to match your outfit in style
  • Full stretch for a good range of motion and comfort
  • Graceful drape that flows away from the body

Attractive Color Varieties of Lina 2G Knitted Fabric

1. Grey: This color exemplifies grace and glitz in their purest forms. You will look like an enchantress in this fabric, garnering praises for your vibrant look. This fabric would not let you down, be it a soiree or a club party!


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    2. Champagne: With a look similar to liquid gold, this ever-so-classy fabric color is every fashion lover’s fantasy. You can create trendy outfits adorned with soft pleats for celebrating every achievement of your life in style.


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      3. Dusty Peach: Be the trendsetter and stun everyone with your inescapable charm. The dusty peach is a mish-mash of soft bronze with beige for weaving evergreen modern ensembles for movies, dinners, and dates. 


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        4. Dusty Blue: It shimmers subtly with a dash of oceanic beauty for a royal yet elegant façade. This fabric color would unarguably become your staple attire for sprinkling your glamor at spontaneous events and outings. 


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          5. Dusty Green: This fabric color is bold, vibrant, and sparkly to instill an indelible dynamism in your persona. You can create a bounty of bewitching looks with svelte bodycons, high-neck blouses, and straight-fit skirts. 


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            6. Onion: It blends deep wine tones with golden-beige shades to create a stunning color combination. This fabric is a beautiful rendition of sophistication and confidence, which goes well with modern sartorial treasures.  


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