Infuse A Sparkling Distinction into Your Wardrobe With The Elena Sequin Embroidery

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Dresses, gowns, and sarees
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net
  • Embroidery Yarn: Polyester
  • Width: 50-55 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

    Infuse A Sparkling Distinction into Your Wardrobe

    If you love the delicate sheen and sparkle of sequins that lasts longer, the polyester mesh is the apt choice. Uniquely designed with an embroidered shimmery overlay, it is sure to dazzle. Choose from various color combinations to find the right one for you.

    For Looks That Are Worth Every Stare

    From glamorous evening gowns to sequin-patterned skirts, this fabric is perfect for a sophisticated look that never fazes. It would take you back in time to a world of unappalled elegance and vintage magnificence.

    A representation of luxury fashion, the Elena Sequins Embroidery Fabric has an inescapable appeal. The decorative mesh fabric and spellbinding sequins mirror enduring craftsmanship flair. There is a net lining on which the sequins are sewn with varied stitching for creating distinct patterns. The intricate needlework gives a sophisticated and royal appeal to the fabric. It is ideal for dresses, evening gowns, and fancy sarees. The polyester base infuses the fabric with a soft, comforting, and textured finishing.

    The Elena Sequins Embroidery can also be utilized as a decorative appliqué on creative projects and home furnishings. You can also get a bespoke swanky shirt or jacket for a casual look at parties or get-togethers. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination! This fabric is known for its versatile applications. It can also be incorporated as a lining in clothes or as a decorative trim on the edge of clothing.

    Lavish Qualities of Elena Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    • Gorgeous and delicate mesh fabric
    • Polyester base and yarn for long-lastingness
    • Dainty needlework with exquisite patterns
    • Illuminating sequins for upbeat aesthetics
    • Colors that are pleasing to the eye

    How to Use The Elena Sequins Embroidery Fabric for Diversified Applications?

    • Party-Wear Shirts: The sequins embroidery fabric imparts a more stylish and fancier look to casual shirts. The polyester material also helps the shirt resist wrinkles. You can wear it to a nighttime revelry for a semi-formal look.
    • Flared Dresses: The flared dresses made with Elena Sequins Embroidery fabric are an alternative to the traditional ball gowns. These dresses make you feel like a princess with flowing skirts, fitted bodices, and long sleeves.
    • Wedding Gowns: This fabric would give a velvety and extravagant look and feel due to its high thread count. It has a luxurious appearance that enhances the wedding gown's beauty and provides a polished effect for photos.

    The Captivating Colors of Elena Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    1. Bottle Green: A balance of greenish hues mingled with radiating allure of ornate sequins and high-precision embroidery. This fabric color gives a touch of lavishness to party-wear outfits like fancy gowns and sarees.


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    2. Dusty Silver: An epitome of pure elegance, it revamps the charm of minimalistic dressing with pristine sequins. Moreover, the meticulous needlework on this fabric would bring an elusive charisma to your garments.

            DUSTY SILVER

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      3. Black: A drop-dead gorgeous combination of timeless black with enthralling sequins that is radiant as your personality. It is an artisanal masterpiece for creating the finest custom-made dresses and sarees.


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        4. Green Antique: The vintage magnetism of subtle green interweaved with mesh and scrupulous embroidery to spice up the wardrobe. It is an absolute choice for creating festive sarees and a-la-mode gowns.


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          5. DG: It perfectly balances white and off-white tints crowned by exotic needlework with sequins. The sophisticated net fabric vouches to instill verve and class to your ethnic and western ensembles.


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