Show Off Your Best Style With Our Terena Fashion Knits

Product Description:

Premium crushed knit fabric with a polyester base. It has a zari thread knitted in the fabric that gives it a glittering effect. It has a warp and weft stretch and a fabulous drape. 

Product Details:

  • Commonly Used for: Dresses, skirts, and blouses
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Width: 60 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

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    A Replication of Panache and Illumination

    Lavishing in the glory of this exquisite and glowing fabric, get that star-studded, festive look! This fabric is an ode to enticing fashion with pure ingenuity, perfectly crafted, crisp texture, and stunning shades. Enwrap yourself in the fabric that moves and drapes like a dream.

    Show Off Your Best Style

    A delicate pattern with intricate needlework blends together to form the perfect way to be noticed. With a polyester base with an ornate touch of zari, you will have an eternal and sophisticated design that is worth showing off.


    The riveting magnetism of crushed knit fabric comes together with the magic of zari threads for an enviable shimmering look. Being crafted to perfection with a polyester base, it expresses the artisanal flair that is rare and luxurious. The weavers prepare the threads, dye and spin them into the line before weaving them together to make the luxe fabric. The zari threads are interspersed between the heavier yarns, which are then cut and crushed to create a texture.

    Zari is made with gold and silver threads; hence it is created with love for fashion that celebrates your illuminating persona. From cherishable occasions to magnum-opus festivities, the Terena Fashion Knits Fabric is tailored for outfits that get the spotlight on you. The polyester in the knit brush fabric makes it lightweight and easy to wash. What makes this fabric unique is its elaborative preparation that takes much time and the artisanal knack of elite craftsmanship.

    Top Characteristics of Terena Fashion Knits Fabric

    • Polyester-based distinctive crushed fabric
    • Mélange of zari threads for a lovely shimmer
    • Warp and weft-style stretch with easy-going drape
    • Gives a lavish and tasteful look to the outfits
    • Weaved for titivating celebration-wear 

    Which Outfits Can Be Customized Using Terena Fashion Knits Fabric?

    • Dresses: The Terena Fashion Knits Fabric infuses class and sophistication into the dresses, which can be tailored with short sleeves, long sleeves or sleeveless. You can choose between V necklines, scoop necks or boat necks to customize the dress as per your fashion palate.
    • Blouses: The blouses made with polyester crushed knit zari fabric have a very delicate and graceful look to them. They can be worn for various occasions like weddings, parties, family gatherings or any other formal event.
    • Skirts: The skirts made from crushed knit fabric hug the body closely and have a flattering effect on curves. You can complement them with high-heeled shoes to match your style!

    Terena Fashion Knits Fabric: The Color Collection

    1. Black Onion: This fabric color is all you need to look glamourous at nighttime revelries. Backed by the beauty of maroon and dark brown tints, it is an excellent embellishment for shimmery midis, crop tops, and skirts.


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      2. Burgundy: The ever-so-chic burgundy whispers endless tales of royal fashion and allure. It seeks inspiration from resplendent style to personify eternal bliss into your ethnic and contemporary festive ensembles.


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      3. Champagne (Zing): Crafted exquisitely with love for sheer delicateness and subtle vibrancy, the champagne color exemplifies intricate radiance. From a classic saree to skirts and from dresses to tops, this fabric is an unmissable attraction.


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        4. Grey (Zing): Embellished with the dainty coiffuring, grey epitomizes fascination and graceful flair. It incorporates a meticulous intricacy and silver lining to celebration-wear such as sarees, blouses, and fusion ethnics.


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        4. Marron: It murmurs a thousand fables of grandeur and lavishness, adorned with the enticing artistic symphony. From festivities to casual merriments, this color goes well for luxe scarfs, midis, sarees, and whatnot.


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          5. Pink (Zing): It symbolizes what dreams are made of, pinkish heaven embellished with shimmery drapes. You can utilize this fabric color to create a-la-mode outfits exuding feminine charm and the resilient spirit of everlasting fashion.


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