Sparkle On With The Millie Sequin Embroidery Fabric

Product Description: Premium embroidered net fabric with sequins work in abstract linear design. It has a polyester base. The sheer net fabric has a stiff drape due to the embroidery.

Product Details:

  • Commonly Used for: Dresses, Gowns, and Sarees
  • Composition: Polyester mesh/net
  • Embroidery Yarn: Polyester
  • Width: 50-55 inches

  • Country of Origin: China

    Sparkle On with Some Sequins

    Looking for something impressive for your next dress? Look no further than this fabric. It has an affluent feel, with meticulous sequined work and eye-catching design. It is nothing short of perfection for fashionistas out there!

    A Treasurable Fashion Investment

    There is eternal magic in this fabric which is more than sparkles. It foils you delicately in the beautiful cascade of confidence and style. A fabric that makes us feel like a monarch wherever we go.

    The Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric is an embodiment of luxe fashion. It is nothing less than a soulful ode to your persona that radiates through classy attires. This premium fabric flaunts an exquisite embroidery consisting of sequins in an abstract liner pattern. The outfits weaved with this fabric would last for decades with a polyester base. The inclusion of net adds a distinction to your fashion choices, making them more polished.

    A stiff drape and soft pastel colors of Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric make it an excellent choice for occasions necessitating sophisticated dresses with a formalness. The beauty of the fabric is not just in its appearance but also in its versatility. Indeed, it is an incredible way to add a little glimmer and give any outfit a modern twist, from dresses to gowns and shirts to sarees.

    Features of Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric

    • The polyester base for unmatchable durability
    • Rigid drape for urbane aesthetics
    • Gorgeous abstract liners design
    • Sequined needlework for radiating subtlety
    •  Mesh fabric with luxurious texture

    How to Utilize Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric?

    • Room décor applique: Bold, colorful, and alluring. There is nothing quite like how sequins enliven a room at dusk and spice up the interiors with the fascination of sequins.
    • Festive outfits: When you want to show off your celebratory look with a blaze, this fabric will let you bask in the beauty of your persona at cherishable festivities.
    • Party attires: Time to celebrate life and the joy that creativity brings in small and big ways daily! Add some glam to your look with Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric.

    Available Shades for Millie Sequins Embroidery Fabric           

    1. Maroon: In a lustrous, dark maroon tone, this beautifully rich and luxurious fabric is perfect for enhancing your party wear outfits. Its noticeable charm is indelible and will not fade away with time.


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    2. Pink with Silver Spangle: This is the idyllic fabric for the ones who love to be "shiny & sparkly" while still staying young and sweet. Add some glitz and bling to your sartorial choices and make them even more adorable!


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      3. Bottle Green: You will find it hard to resist the beauty of this élite fabric in greenish tints. It is a hand-embroidered fabric to boast an evergreen design with a hint of eternal fashion melancholy.


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        4. Olive Green: It is a bright and inimitable shade perfect for creating a statement piece of art with an unforgettable personality. The fabric is suitable for adding a little sheen to sophisticated outfits.

              olive green

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