Step Up Your Velvet Game: Top Fabric Tips For Flawless Styling

If royalty in fabrics had a name then velvet would definitely take the crown. From evening gowns to accessories, velvet adds a luxurious texture and elegance to any look. Despite its sophisticated appeal styling velvet fabric can be tricky as its texture needs proper consideration to look flawless. This piece will focus on top fabric tips for mastering the art of styling velvet, helping you step up your velvet fabric game and make a statement with your wardrobe choices.

Comprehensive Guide to Styling Velvet

  • Opt for the Right Colour

Determining the overall impact of your outfit is dependent on the color. Dark shades such as burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, and black give a sense of sophistication, making them ideal for formal occasions. Lighter shades like blush pink, ivory offer a more romantic and ethereal vibe, perfect for daytime events and summer soirées. Consider your skin tone, personal style, and the occasion to ensure it complements your overall look.

  • Understand Texture Contrast

You can experiment with texture contrast by combining velvet fabric pieces with smooth, lightweight fabrics such as silk, satin, chiffon, or lace.

For example, pair a velvet blazer with a silk blouse and tailored trousers for a polished yet effortless ensemble. You can also layer a velvet slip dress over a lace or sheer top for a romantic and feminine look. Mixing textures adds depth to your outfit, this helps elevate your velvet game to the next level.

  • Look for Tailored Silhouettes

When wearing velvet, it's essential to pay attention to the silhouette of your garment to ensure a flattering and stylish fit. Opt for tailored or structured silhouettes that accentuate your curves and create a streamlined silhouette.

Avoid oversized or shapeless styles that can overwhelm your frame and detract from the luxuriousness of the fabric. Whether it's a fitted velvet blazer, a sleek pencil skirt, or a tailored jumpsuit, choose pieces that help your body shape and enhance your overall proportions for better styling.

  • Add Metallic Accents

For a touch of glamor and sophistication, accessorize your velvet ensemble with metallic accents such as silver, or rose gold. Metallic jewelry, belts, shoes, or handbags can complement the texture when you buy velvet fabric online and add a hint of shine to your look. 

Opt for delicate, understated pieces for a subtle effect, or make a bold statement with statement metallic accessories for maximum impact. Be it for a formal event or a casual outing, you can add a metallic touch to your velvets to make the styling give off a luxurious feel.

  • Layer Strategically

Layering is key to mastering the art of styling velvet, especially during transitional seasons or cooler climates. Experiment with layering velvet fabric pieces with lightweight knits, sheer blouses, or tailored jackets to create depth and dimension in your outfit.

For example, layer a velvet blazer over a crisp button-down shirt and tailored trousers for a chic office look, or add a velvet scarf or shawl to a basic sweater and jeans ensemble for a touch of elegance and warmth. Strategic layering allows you to incorporate these when you buy velvet fabric online into your wardrobe year-round while staying comfortable and stylish.

  • Play with Patterns

You can also experiment with different types of patterns while styling. These help add more personality to the outfit. Pair a solid velvet piece with a printed blouse, skirt, or accessories for a playful and eclectic look.

You can mix and match different velvet textures or opt for velvet garments featuring subtle floral, geometric, or animal prints for a modern twist. Just remember to balance bold prints with solid colors to avoid overwhelming your outfit and maintain a put together overall look.

Feel Luxurious in Velvet with The House of Textiles 

Velvet is a versatile and luxurious fabric that can elevate any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. You can follow these fabric tips for flawless styling.  Step up your velvet fabric game and make a statement with your wardrobe choices. The House of Textiles offers premium quality, trendy, and innovative fabrics. We pride ourselves for delivering the best to our customers, from sourcing the finest materials to implementing cutting-edge technologies. So trust us to buy velvet fabric online for the premium quality. 

Whether you're attending a formal event, a casual outing, or a day at the office, incorporating velvet into your outfit can add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and glamor to your look. So go ahead, embrace the plush texture and timeless appeal of velvet, and let your style shine!