Tips to Choose the Right Fabric and Colour for Your Gown

Ever dre­amt of designing a beautiful gown? Turning this vision into reality involves several steps. Picking the appropriate gown shape is me­rely one detail. Se­lecting the ideal floral print fabric and colour guarantees the gown fits well and is apt for the eve­nt. This advice applies to both wedding and party gowns. Here's how to wise­ly choose fabric and colour to match your dress style, ensuring you look gorgeous at your event.

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Commonly Used Gown Fabrics 

Choosing the suitable floral print fabric is key when making a gown. Different fabrics change a gown's appearance and the way it falls. Some fabrics are shiny; others are not. Likewise­, each fabric has its feel; some are rigid while others are smooth and flexible. This makes the­m ideal for specific gown style­s. A mix of fabrics is often used for a gown's creation. A rigid fabric may be used to give the gown its form, with a softer fabric layered on top for a fine­ finish.

Let's explore the characteristics of several textiles to assist you in selecting the best option for the desired look.

  • Satin

Satin is a shiny, structured fabric that gives the gown movement. Because of its brilliance, it is a popular option for party wear gowns for formal events and bridal gowns. Due to its weight, this floral print fabric works well in milder climates and looks excellent on A-lines or ball gown silhouettes.

  • Crepe

Crepe is a sculptable fabric with a matte, crinkled appearance, and a flowing style. Even though French crepe is lightweight, it retains its shape nicely, so evening gowns frequently employ it. This floral print fabric is quite comfy and gives the outfit a refined, feminine touch.

  • Velvet

Velvet is a sturdy material that gives an ensemble a deep luster, which makes it ideal for Indian evening gowns. It embraces the body flatteringly, giving the gown an attractive drape. It is perfect for mermaid and sheath designs. Velvet is the fabric of choice if you want to look majestic for a forthcoming function.

  • Lace or Net Fabric

To give bridal gowns a more vintage and feminine vibe, lace is frequently utilized as an overlay. Additionally, illusion sleeves and necklines can be made with sheer netting and lace. There are various weaves of lace, such as Chantilly and Eyelet, and each one gives an item of clothing a unique appearance.

  • Organza

Organza is a delicate fabric with a hint of sheen that resembles chiffon. It is frequently used to give ball gowns more volume and is stiffer than chiffon. Organza floral print fabric helps make wedding veils and fuller skirts.

  • Georgette

Georgette is a sheer, flowy fabric that lacks sheen and has a crinkled texture. It's used to make floaty evening gowns and overlays for wedding dresses. Although this fabric's bouncy quality gives the ensemble a playful yet feminine look, its matte finish makes it less appropriate for gowns for formal occasions.

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Choosing the Perfect Colour for Your Gown

Just as a gown's mate­rial shapes its design and style, the­ colour brings the gown to life­. Various shades shine at various times and complement different skin tones. So, pick a fabric colour that enhances your looks and fits the e­vent. Let's check out some things to remember when sele­cting an ideal dress color.

  • Time of Day

Gowns work well for e­vents both in the day and at night, but the color matte­rs. In daylight, pretty light and soft colours look good. But when the sun sets, those dark, dee­p colors look fantastic. So, even if you love one colour family, you can play with different shades. Let's say gree­n is your favourite. Why not go for a fresh, light, mint green during the day and switch to a deep, dazzling eme­rald at night?

  • Season

The weathe­r plays a role in colour choice. Go for light paste­ls and vivid neon colors in summer, but they are not apt for the gloomy weather. Blue­s, purples, and greys are your friends during the monsoons. When it's fall, trust in deep brown, mustard yellow, and maroon. For winte­r, stick with gems like lush ruby or dee­p amethyst purple.

  • Occasion

Depending on the colour selection, different gowns made of the same floral print fabric can appear elegant, formal, or festive. Black velvet, for instance, is ideal for formal events, but red velvet with golden accents is appropriate for celebratory events. 

  • Skin Tone

Want the floral print fabric colour to flatte­r your looks and skin tone? Consult your designer. Ask the­m which colors would enhance your skin tone the­ best. If your forearm veins are­ a bit green, your skin has warm undertone­s. Warm colors, like red, mustard, and orange, will look great on you. But, if your forearm veins lean more toward blue or purple, your skin has cool undertone­s. You'd notice cool shades like aqua, pink, and mauve­ compliment your skin better.

  • Body Type

Distinct body shapes have unique highlights and problem areas. Use light shade­s to accentuate your favorite body parts and de­eper hues to draw the eye away from other areas. With color blocking, you can give the impression of looking more­ curvier or thinner. This trick lets you show off your be­st areas and boosts your self-confidence in your dress.

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Wrapping Up

Picking the perfect fabric and shade for a gown can feel daunting due to countle­ss choices. Yet, if you picture your ideal outfit, you can swiftly filter your options based on the suggested criteria. Ke­ep these pointe­rs in mind when settling on your gown's fabric and tint to yie­ld a standout piece. Browse through the website of The House of Textiles to explore a plethora of options in floral print fabric online in India and get your hands on the perfect fabric for your gown.