Alia Bhatt’s Cinematic Presence is Solidified in Ever-So-Beautiful Ombre Sarees

In Bollywood, few names shine as brilliantly as Alia Bhatt's. Not only is she a powerhouse of talent, but she is also conquering the fashion world one stunning outfit at a time. Her acting prowess and exquisite personal style earned her a place in the hearts of fans worldwide. In her recently released movie "Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani,” she graced the screen in a series of enchanting ombre sarees. Designed by the ace fashion maestro, Manish Malhotra, her sarees left us all spellbound of her natural beauty.  

Ombre sarees are a perfect fusion of tradition and contemporary chic, making their way into the wardrobe of millions inspired by Alia's looks. So, let us discover the magic of ombre sarees by decoding Ms Bhatt's most beloved looks from the movie.  

Redefining Elegance with a Dreamy Touch

As we watched Alia on-screen as "Rani" in the movie, she owned the space with her charismatic presence. What makes her film appearances livelier are the ombre sarees. She wore around twenty such sarees to bring the ombre craftsmanship to cinematic flair's forefront. 

These sartorial masterpieces succeeded in mirroring the journey of Alia's character in the movie and her love for vintage-inspired styles. The ombre shades, transitioning from one color to another, add a touch of intrigue and vibrancy. They resonate with what her role as "Rani" in the movie stands for.

A Lightweight Caress Dyed in Vibrant Hues

Manish Malhotra, the movie's costume designer, opted for chiffon sarees to recreate an old-world Bollywood charm. He experiments with the draping of these sarees to make ombre shades enwrap Ms Bhatt's silhouette with utmost grace. 

Chiffon is renowned for its ethereal, lightweight nature, making it an excellent canvas for ombre shades to weave their own perfection. Their inherent translucence lends a sensual appeal to the sarees, allowing glimpses of skin while maintaining an aura of modesty.

Being hailed as the epitome of sheer elegance, these sarees are a win-win for almost any occasion. Besides, there are endless options to drape and style them, similar to what Alia has flaunted. 

Seeking Inspirations from the Classic 50s and 60s Bollywood Fashion

The inspiration behind Mr Malhotra's saree creations for Alia goes back to the roots of 50s and 60s Bollywood flair. The mix and match of hues amidst the picturesque backdrops in the movie lend a fascinating appeal to these color-transitioning sarees. 

For Ms Bhatt's character, a pastel and bright-hued palette was used to bring the ombre techniques back into the trend. Besides contributing to the beauty of the shoot locations, these sarees complemented the modern-day confident women Alia represented in the movie. Her cultural essence spoke volumes throughout the film with a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion. 

A Picture-Perfect Styling that Adds to the Glory of Alia as “Rani”

Alia's chiffon sarees in ombre techniques are a revival of cinema's romantic yet dramatic vibe. For most of her looks, Manish Malhotra has experimented with solid contrasts. She has paired her sarees with solid-colored blouses that match one of the sarees' hues. 

This meticulous choice draws attention to the gorgeous gradients of the saree while providing a balanced, cohesive appearance. What further makes Alia a goddess in vision are her smoky eyes, nude lips, flush cheeks, traditional earrings, and a nose ring. 

Replicate Alia’s Signature Ombre Magic from the Movie

Ms. Bhatt's infectious energy and ombre sarees are like a match made in heaven. Whenever she appears on-screen, we cannot resist blinking our eyes twice in awe of her beauty. You can also drape yourself in the elegance of ombre sarees, just like Alia from fabrics by House of Textiles. Do not just watch the magic; wear it!


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