The Ultimate Guide for Working With Sequin Fabric

Since ages, sequins have been used as decoration materials on different types of clothing. They are made out of reflective bits of plastic that are sewn into jackets, bonnets, and dresses. Did you know they were highly popular among the nobility and wealthy families during the 17th to 19th centuries? Apparently, till today they make a fantastic fashion statement.  They were highly popular among the nobility and wealthy families during the 17th to 19th centuries and still considered as a fashion statement. 

Sequin fabric gives a touch of sparkle and shine to any outfit. The usage of sequins is widely popularised and is treated as a fashion statement. They are available in different shapes like oval, square, polygon etc. Some sequins melt if they get wet or too warm.

The Beauty Of Sequin Fabric

Sequins are tiny, sparkly, disc-shaped decoration materials that are used to embellish fabric. Usually made of plastic, these sequins are sewn on the base fabric like satin, chiffon, or mesh. Some fabrics have sequins stitched all over in a more random pattern, while some use glue to hold the sequin to the fabric. Each material behaves slightly differently, though all of them should be handled with care to keep them from damaging the sequin or the underlying fabric. When purchasing your fabric, pay attention to how the sequins are attached, as this will affect your work later. You should choose the right fabric to cut out and stitch your project. Check out the following tips for purchasing sequin fabric online.

Purchasing Sequin Fabric Online

Online shopping provides a variety of options and is simple when it comes to sequin fabric. Take note of these pointers while making an online purchase of sequin fabric:

Quality: Check for trustworthy vendors or stores that provide sequin fabric online of the best quality. Always check the customer reviews and product descriptions to learn about the quality and durability of the fabric.

Variety: Explore a range of sequin fabric colours, sizes, and designs to discover the ideal piece for your next craft.

Cost: Compare costs on several websites to be sure you're not neglecting quality in order to obtain the best deal.

Delivery: To prevent any delays or unforeseen fees, confirm delivery schedules and prices.

Set up Your Work Area

Preparation is necessary while dealing with sequin fabric to enable effortless and easy crafting. Here are a few important points:

Clean Workspace: To avoid sequins becoming damaged or strained, remove every object from your workspace.

Tools and Equipment: Assemble the required sewing machine, pins, sewing needles, and sharp scissors, among other items.

Taking Care of Sequin Fabric: Sequin fabric can be delicate, so take extra care not to scratch or tear the sequins.

How to Cut Sequin Fabric

Depending on the texture and placement of the sequins, cutting sequin fabric can be difficult. For neat and accurate cuts, consider the following tips:

Flip and Cut: Turn the cloth over to the wrong side and use a washable fabric marker or tailor's chalk to draw your cutting lines. This makes a smoother cut and lessens the chance of the sequins spreading.

Use Sharp Scissors: To cut through the fabric and sequins with ease, use sharp scissors. Uneven cuts and uneven edges might result from dull scissors.

Trim Seam Allowance: To minimise bulk and provide a smoother finish, trim the seam allowance in close proximity to the stitching line.

Methods of Sewing Sequin Fabric

A few steps must be followed when sewing sequin fabric to ensure results that look professional:

Choose the Correct Needle: For stitching through thick fabrics and sequins, use a heavy-duty needle.

Adjust Stitch Length: To account for the fabric's thickness and avoid skipped stitches, extend the stitch length.

Fix Stitch Edges: Before stitching, fix the seam allowances with fabric glue or transparent tape to keep sequins from taking on the pressing foot or getting stuck in the machine.

Consider Hand Sewing: To have greater control over the stitches and prevent breaking the sequins, think about hand sewing for delicate areas or elaborate detailing.

How to Handle Sequin Fabric

To maintain the finest possible appearance for your sequin fabric, proper care and maintenance are necessary:

Hand Wash or Dry Clean: Make sure you follow the suggested washing recommendations by looking at the care label on your sequin fabric. Machine washing is generally not as good as hand washing or dry cleaning.

Carefully Handle: To avoid sequins coming loose or falling off, handle sequin fabric with gentle care.

Proper Maintenance: To avoid fading and discoloration, keep sequin fabric out of direct sunlight and in a place that is dry and cool.


Sequin fabric is particularly well-known in the craft and fashion design industries as a representation of experience and elegance. Any creation is enhanced with a magical touch by its captivating glittering attractiveness. You may confidently start your journey with sequin fabric now that you have the knowledge from this comprehensive guide.

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