A Vivid Expression of Cheerful Weaves With The Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric

Product Description: Premium pleated knit fabric in polyester base. It has a satiny shine on both sides. The pleated texture has a flowy drape. It has a length-wise warp stretch.

Product Details:

  • Commonly used for: Blouse, Skirts
  • Composition: Polyester
  • Width: 60 inches

Country of Origin: China

A Vivid Expression of Cheerful Weaves

The compelling aesthetics of this fabric will always remain a trendsetter. There is sheer joy and comfort in wearing this warm fabric. It brings a new life to your closet and room décor with its delicate pleats and cheerful gradient tones. 

It Is a Thing of Beautiful Exuberance

The subtle charisma with a sleek hand feel makes the fabric a superb choice for tailoring bespoke designs. Whatever your style is, the magic of beautiful knits and pleats would be your cohort, from bold trends to classic looks.

The Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric offers a cadenced silhouette with an opera of exquisite gradient colors and a medley of pleats. It oozes an enigmatic allure of sumptuous weaves for creating signature styles. This fabric has the perfect amount of elasticity to help with the creation of professional-looking garments. Its soft texture will feel comfortable against your skin, whereas the pleated knit adds extra coziness. The fabric also has a stretchy length, giving you the versatility you need to create any look your heart desires. 

Undeniably, it is perfect for those who want a luxurious look without the hassle of frequent dry cleaning. The Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric flaunts an enviable satin-induced sheen for celebratory chic designs in contemporary settings. Its pliability gives in to your body's natural movements, adding a personality to your garments. This luxurious fabric complements the moments of relaxation with elusive glam and detailing. Its enthralling aesthetics are sure to cast a spell on everyone around you!

Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric’s Appealing Attributes

  • Equipped with a satiny sheen and pleated textured
  • A stretchy design to drape gracefully on your body
  • Comes in gradient shades to enrich your wardrobe
  • Lengthwise stretch for a dynamic shape that fits all sizes
  • The polyester base for long-lasting artisanal projects 

Which Outfits Can Be Brought to Life With Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric?

  • Classic Skirts: Pleated skirts have been in vogue since their inception into the fashion world. You can pair them with plaid blouses or collared shirts for a chicer semi-formal look.
  • Vintage Blouses: Whether heading to a soiree or a brunch, the vintage blouses have an ineffaceable magnetism. Opt for wrap-style or a simplistic one, and strive for an effortless appearance.
  • Long Curtains: Since the Ela CR7 Knitted Fabric comes in elegant gradient dual-toned shades, you can stitch long curtains for your living room partition. Pair the pleated side with plain texture curtains for an inviting effect.

Eye-Soothing Shades of ELA CR7 KNITTED FABRIC

1. Shaded Evergreen: Whether you are stretching pleats on a skirt or hugging the classic pleated knit tee like an old friend, this fabric will be your go-to staple for athletic meets, concerts, and cozy nights.


    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662496417

    2. Shaded Navy Blue Mint Green: The gorgeous and classic color combination of this texturized fabric would steal your heart. It is an idyllic match for statement outfits, window treatments or wall coverings.

            MINT GREEN

      Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662561953

      3. Shaded Beige with Lilac: An elegant and festive fabric with a touch of vintage style, impeccable for your spring and summer wardrobe. You can use it to add vibrancy to an otherwise monochrome look.


        Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662627489

        4. Shaded Lemon Drop: Precious, pearly and charming, this fabric color is an ode to your jovial persona. Conceal your sartorial world in lemony tints and brighten the atmosphere wherever you go.

                SHADED LEMON DROP

          Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662725793

          5. Shaded Coffee with Pink: An excellent fabric color for casual and corporate styles filled with class and femininity. It is so soft, chic, and lightweight that you would move around like a fresh heavenly breeze.


            Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662791329

            6. Shaded Purple: The eye-appealing purplish hues cascaded on a pleated canvas for outfits demanding attention. The eternal charm of this fabric will instantly turn any demure attire into a statement piece.

                    SHADED PURPLE

              Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662824097

              7. Shaded Coffee Light Brown: It is a subtle tint of brown intermingled with beige undertones for an ultra-graceful look. It would go well with your fall wardrobe or for creating an inviting ambience in your home decor.

                      SHADED COFFEE LIGHT BROWN

                Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=40886662856865

                8. Shaded Peach: Nothing can represent the joy of the spring season like this fabric color does. Enwrapped in stunning peachy tints, it brings a beautiful liveliness to your outfits for that unmissable charm.

                        SHADED PEACH

                  Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=41240147165345

                  9. Shaded Red: A combination of nuanced and bold hues, this suave fabric color embodies the zenith of luxe styles, narrating a threaded tale of feistiness, romance, levity, and delicate artistry. 

                          SHADED RED

                    Product link: https://www.thehouseoftextiles.com/products/ela-cr7-knitted?variant=41240147493025